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What is MOBU Herbals?

MOBU Herbals are 100% natural products that are made to take the guesswork out of essential oils. All products contain a precise mix of essential oils and herbs to give you the fastest relief. Our customers have found relief from:

  • Pain - anything from migraines, to Fibromyalgia, to muscle spasms
  • Weight loss - the weight loss has been said to stay off until eating habits change to make inches come back on
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Sleeplessness
  • IBS
  • Coughs, colds, and congestion
  • so much more
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Consultant of the Month - Tricia Blair

Tricia- Consultant of the Month

If I believed in accidents, I would say that MOBU came to my attention in that fashion. However, I don't believe in accidents. I do however, believe that there are moments in our lives we have opportunities placed in front of us. Either we seize them - or they pass us by quietly.

MOBU came to my attention while searching for a home business that would offer tax advantages of business ownership. My husband and I are both business managers but we no longer own homes and all our children are grown. Having been in sales for many years and being acquainted with most direct sales companies out there, I had a pretty darned good idea of what I didn't want. What I didn't want was to sell make-up, Tupperware, vitamins, gadgets, cookware, cleaning products - blah, blah, blah...

When I stumbled across MOBU on a website listing direct sales companies, the company intrigued me. This was something I could get excited and passionate about - Herbal Balms & Lotions that relieve suffering? Sounded FANTASTIC! But did they work???

After searching diligently, I was able to track down Janell, MOBU founder and set up a meeting with her. During our conversation, it became clear to me this was different than any product or company I had ever experienced. Janell's passion, knowledge and commitment to improving lives was tangible! This was about truly Helping People! With the added tax benefits I wanted. Without ever seeing a product I signed as a distributor and anxiously waited for my MOBU products to arrive.

As Janell had described, the products were nothing short of AMAZING! My daily routine includes Women's 35+, Vitality, AM Pain, PM Pain and Kava Calm! What Life-Changers! For me, this was almost too good to be true! Products I could proudly, passionately and enthusiastically stand behind that affordably and effectively IMPROVE LIVES - one at a time..

Currently due to other business commitments, my MOBU business is extremely part-time. A lot of what I do is sharing product with people I know and love - HOWEVER, I have a plan! In just 17 short months, I will have fulfilled my obligation to the company I currently work for and be able to truly immerse myself - and my husband, Jim, into our MOBU business. Our dream is to have a traveling MOBU Business where we can spread the word, the product and the passion! I know we'll get there!

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