Learn more about how GeoBlends and Dr. Cole’s Herbal Remedies joined forces and re-branded after MOBU Herbals stopped manufacturing here.

ColeHerbals, GeoBlends, and MOBU Herbals story
Brenda Deming CEO of GeoBlends

Author: Brenda Deming

For the Love of MOBU Herbals: What happened next…

Janell Cole, the founder of MOBU Herbals, had been on a mission for most of her life to educate and assist people to heal themselves without the use of harmful chemicals or drugs. After specializing in digestive issues for many years, she earned a worldwide reputation for creating effective, yet gentle, elimination remedies utilizing organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

Her products were sold under two brands: Dr. Cole’s Herbal Remedies for products sold on Amazon, and Mobu Herbals for her patients, retail and wholesale customers that were sold in select stores and online through affiliates. 

When she passed away suddenly on April 30, 2019, she left many people who needed her products and two people she had worked with in her business ventures, Brenda Deming (me), who had worked with her for five years, and Linda Langenbacher, her partner in her Dr. Cole’s Herbal Remedies, Amazon business. 

Brenda decided to honor Janell by learning everything she could about herbs while remembering the many lessons Janell provided, as a naturopath. Brenda started GeoBlends and sold the MOBU Herbals line through that brand until the Cole family was no longer able to manufacture Mobu Herbal products. She was able to re-create many of Janell’s products, as well as a lot of wonderful products of her own, and sell them under the GeoBlends brand.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of 2021, Linda Langenbacher purchased the right to produce the recipes from the family so that Janell’s legacy could be continued for all of us. As good fortune would have it, Linda met a wonderful, long-time friend of Janell’s at her funeral, Linda Hammer, who is also a highly qualified formulator, and extremely familiar with the entire Mobu Herbals product line. So “Linda L. and Linda H.” began to work together in early 2021, setting up a new lab and fulfillment system in order to support the growing Amazon business. Linda L. formed a company called Coleherbals, which currently owns the Dr. Cole’s Herbal Remedies brand and the Fresh Face Organix brand, which together contain all of Janell’s original formulations. 

Recently, Brenda joined the team and became an affiliate of Coleherbals to help continue Janell’s legacy and keep her memory alive. There is an old adage that you die twice – once when you physically die, and the second time is the last time someone repeats your name. Brenda’s goal is to keep Janell alive for as long as she lives, to teach her daughter lessons learned from Dr. Cole, and pass on the many stories to her and those involved with GeoBlends and Coleherbals about the years she spent working with Janell (Dr. Janell Cole).

You can help Brenda keep her memory alive, too—> and save some money! Her products under the Coleherbals brand names are available for you to browse right here, then purchase on the Coleherbals website.

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